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Unbarked Premium Wood Wax

Unbarked Premium Wood Wax

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Finish, restore & protect the natural colours and grains of your cutting board.

Our waterproofing formula consist of premium grade and 100% food-safe mineral oil, all-natural Canadian beeswax & coconut oil.  

Watch the transformation as the natural colours and grains of the wood come to life when the wax is spread across it.  Our wax can be used for cutting boards, charcuterie boards, wooden utensils, and any other raw wood material. 



Apply a thin layer of cutting board wax wax across your board in a circular motion with a cloth, applicator, or your bare hand.

Let the cutting board wax sink in and dry for 20 minutes.

Using a clean rag, buff off any excess wax.


*2 Oz Aluminum Tin Can


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